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Earning Extra Cash from FIFA 2010 World Cup

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I noticed so many people are carried away by the ongoing 2010 FIFA World cup. Why only few are using it as a leverage to make extra cash to their pocket. Now am here to show you ways you can join the few.

Option 1:
An estimated reviewed that about 400, 000 people are going to south africa for the world cup from different part of the country. the estimated people are online everyday looking for route and hotels they can book before they get there. Now your job is to provide names of hotel. browse southafrica directory for hotels you will get them there and i want to believe that you've optimized your site or blog for top search engine and directories because all your article will be useless if your site or blog is not listed on search engine. And if you dont have any idea you can get read the seo for beginner article on my blog.

Option 2:
Provide a live preview of the match or show the match live through streaming. Let me give you the logic you will use. Try and get a mail list. I dont need to tell you how to do that. or go to a soccer forum. tell them you have a site that can stream the the fifa world cup live and the site is saying its only available to the first 100 people for free. and that you are not sure if its for real. Absolutely you will see people going to the site. Now you must have programmed it that if they click on the link they will get an information telling them that you are sorry that they are late that the offer is only for the first 100 to view it but they can still have the opportunity for the minimal fee. Am very sure they will be eager to watch the match. And there you go, just provide a payment form either through credit card, paypal or libery reserve. those are the reliable form of payment i trust for now. Note: you must have affiliated a website that provides streaming live matches for free. There are so many out there. GOOGLE i always say is your best friend.

Option 3:
The last option here am going to reveal to you is going to cost you money. but the end result is worth it. I must tell you that i cant say what i have not experience. This time around you are going to require man labour. get a designer or if you can design, design customized and branded fifa consumables and sell through affiliates partners like clickbank. Clickbank is a trusted and reliable way you could affiliate your product. Give out promos like saying buy a branded fifa t-shirt and get a facecap or something. It not compulsory you do t-shirts only. there are other stuffs you could come up with. Am only giving you a clue.

Hope you enjoy it. Please comment if you have any idea you think would be profitable if one ventures into it.
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